The humidifier model NEB 6500 is a simple but very efficient adiabatic humidifier that was created for all these environments where humidification is required. Sophisticated, robust, advanced yet very cheap humidification solution.

How it works

The NEB 6500 is an adiabatic humidifier that mechanically atomizes the water by centrifugal force. The water is distributed on a fast-rotating disk and then passed through a toothed ring: this process creates a fine mist that is distributed in the air by the incorporated fan-blades.

Some features

  • The main basin 
    This is the place where the water is collected before the atomization process: the basin is very small and in running mode it contains 0.12 lbs of water. This means that the change of the water is very quick and only fresh water is atomized by the humidifier. This is a very important feature for health reasons.
  • The washing cycle
    This is performed automatically by the humidifier to keep clean and dry the working parts when the unit is not working (stand – by mode). Practically, most of the water inside the unit is drained out from the basin: less water inside the unit means less possibilities that dangerous bacteria grow when the humidifier is not working.
  • The electronic board
    This is the core component of the humidifier and performs all the tasks like the washing cycle and the normal functioning operations. It can be controlled by a SPST contact that is used to start and stop the humidification process. In a typical installation the SPST switch is controlled by a humidistat that starts and stops the humidifier only when needed (not supplied).
  • The external junction box
    It is placed under the humidifier for an easier installation: it receives the power cable and the cable from SPST switch (not supplied).
  • The air filter
    It avoids the dust and dirty to get inside the dehumidifier, it’s cleanable with air pressure or washable with water.
  • The water
    The humidifier must be fed with tap or RO water: all the inner parts are made of plastic and stainless steel. It is advisable the use of RO water to drastically reduce the maintenance program due to the minerals dissolved in it.
  • Installation
    The NEB 6500 humidifiers can be installed on the wall, using the bracket and the screws supplied as standard, or on the top, with the brackets supplied as standard, and chains. The air diffuser can be rotated 360° so that the humidified air flow goes exactly where you prefer. All you need to install the humidifier is a water source, a water discharge and power supply*.

What’s inside the box

The following things are available as standard:

  • The humidifier, NEB 6500 with external junction box for fast installation.
  • The manual with instructions and wiring diagrams.
  • The wall mounting bracket with screws to fix it to the wall.
  • Three hang-up installation hooks.
  • The load tube, 59″ long with G1/4″ threads.
  • The drain tube,59″ long.

What you need to install

The following are not included in the package and must be supplied separately:


  • A junction box with a power protected main switch, to power on the humidifier.
  • A SPST switch controlled by a humidistat.
  • Cables to connect the humidifier to the power supply and to the humidistat.


  • A load tube 59” long with G1/4 ” threads is supplied: if more is needed then it must be supplied separately.
  • A drain tube 59” long is supplied: if more is needed then it must be supplied separately.
  • An RO water system OR a water filter and a valve on the load tube are strongly recommended.

Technical data


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